The reason for our Hope

Are you feeling overwhelmed or full of anxiety? Wrung out, tired of waiting, and ready to give up? Confused and questioning everything that brought you to this moment? Doubting you have what it takes?

If you need a lifeline of hope or a time of refreshing, then I pray you will grab hold of these words and never let them go. I pray God will speak directly and specifically to your heart. Let these words grow inside you and create a beautiful, unrelenting war cry of faith.

Our thoughts turn into attitude. Our attitude turns into words. And our words impact the world around us.

Every worry, every concern that we have, we need to speak God’s word in faith. Speak His truth and life over and into every worry.

Every. Single. One.

Let’s stoke the fire and build a spirit of defiance towards the enemy. So…

Instead of panic…PRAY.

Instead of walking in fear…walk in FAITH.

Instead of speaking death…speak LIFE.

Instead of a spirit of defeat…a spirit of DEFIANCE.

Because there is an answer. The ONLY answer.

Jesus. Emmanuel, God with us.

He is the well for all those who thirst and are in need of refreshing. Seek Jesus with a desperate, all-consuming passion. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Seek Him always. Never to give up hope, never to back down. But only to pursue one love, only to follow one light.

Though the storm be all around you, still run after Him. Though the darkness closes in, still press on. This is what I have determined. For He is my identity and the very essence of me – the sweet, sweet light in my eyes; the deep, deep joy of my heart; the golden melody of my song; the fresh, new rhythm of my dance.

But I will warn you…

This is not for the faint of heart. It takes a strong man, a strong woman to live this life God has called us to. So find your strength in God.

Dare to wait. Dare not to settle. Dare to watch God pour out the best of His blessings in your life. Dare to stand out. Dare to stand up for what you believe. Dare to be different. Dare to be set apart.

And when it gets hard, because it will, dare not to give up or give in. When you feel defeated, dare to not be discouraged. Look that lie in the face and demand it to leave.

Close the door on the world and enter the silence. Quiet the voices and distractions that are like so many pieces of debris and shrapnel flying through the air. Be silent. Be still. God said, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Silence can be beautiful if we’ll let it. In the silence, you can hear your heartbeat. This heart is the one God himself knit together, so carefully putting every piece into place.

Will this God who made your heart beat abandon you now?

He will not.

In the silence, you can hear His voice gently whispering. He is speaking His promises over you. Promises of a hope and a future. Promises of grace and peace. Promises to be with you no matter what comes your way.

Will this God who chooses you give up on you now?

He will not.

You may not know what lies ahead, but God does. And whether it be something you would choose or something you wouldn’t choose, always remember that all along God has known and that you rest in Him. And because He is such a great God and loving Father, He is able to provide exactly what you need at exactly the right time.

Trust can be a difficult thing if we allow ourselves to fear. Say no to fear and say yes to love. Say to God, “I will go with you where you are leading me.”

And He says, “If you look for me, you will find me.”

So throw your arms open wide and believe Him.

That’s where victory happens – right here in holy, sweet surrender.

Be content in Him. Be content in who you are in Him and in what He’s given you now. This contentment cannot be manufactured or faked. It must come from the deepest part of us and permeate every part of our lives. Trust that He has a marvelous plan.

It will not look like anyone else’s, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less special or beautiful. In fact, it makes it even that much more spectacular.

In the waiting, God can do so much more. He has so much for us if we will open our eyes. For it’s in the waiting that He gives us dreams – dreams only He could write. And it’s in the waiting that He whispers to our hearts, “Remember my promises, my child. See how I love you.”

Then He breathes life into these dreams, awakening them to be exactly what He meant for them to be. Every detail so carefully considered. Every plan so lovingly designed. Every step so perfectly placed. This precious gift so freely given. Revel in His goodness.

You are worth it.

So don’t settle for less. Don’t allow your hopes and dreams to be put in a box. Don’t settle for anything less than what God has chosen.

We need to consider…How will we respond?

We need to take an honest look at our hearts and our mindsets. This is not something that can be done half-heartedly. If we are to truly become who God created us to be, if we are to have the very best of what God promises, then we have to put our stake in the ground. We have to find our battle cry and shout it out with all of our hearts.

So I pray you will receive this most precious gift he offers and return it to Him with undying gratitude. This is worship. This is what we were created for – a deep, meaningful, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ first and then with each other.

God’s story is the greatest story in the world. And who did He give the honor of telling it?


It’s our story. Our heritage. Our inheritance. It’s who we are. Let’s not shrink back. Let’s claim who we are. Let’s share it with everyone we meet. Let’s get out there. Let’s be bold and have the courage to tell the world of the reason for our hope.