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Greeting Card Instructions:

Thank you for your willingness to bring encouragement to seniors! Please make sure you have followed the state-mandated guidelines for stay-at-home, are without a fever or cold symptoms, and have had no known exposure to anyone with flu-like symptoms or COVID-19.

Please wash your hands thoroughly before and even during the activity of writing in the cards. If possible, wear a mask.

Please do not lick to seal the envelope. When completed, please put the cards into a bag (grocery bag or if you have a gallon zip lock bag).

Here’s what to do:

1. Write “To Someone Special,” or another greeting, on the front of the envelope and decorate
it if desired – hearts, stars, rainbows, whatever you find pretty and cheerful.

2. Write a simple greeting on the inside that communicates that they are thought of, that
people care about them, that they are special, that you hope they are doing okay, etc. You can
draw a picture on the inside as well if you want – just get creative!

3. Sign the card and write your age if appropriate. If you want to include your address, it might
be that the senior would like to write you back, but it is not necessary. You can write it on the
envelope or inside the card, whichever you prefer.

3. Place card in an envelope but don’t seal well or not at all! Sometimes it is difficult for seniors to open
envelopes, so just moisten tip (DO NOT LICK) of envelope flap and stick down.

4. Return card(s) in a bag to the church office. There will be a wooden box in the entryway under the overhang to deposit the cards. Look for the sign.

The cards will be delivered to the front door of Assisted Living communities in our area. The personnel will distribute the cards to the residents.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH in helping us ease the loneliness of our dear seniors who are indeed
feeling very isolated at the moment.

If you have any questions, please free to email me at office@grace-chapel.com.