Stay Connected at Grace During COVID-19

Hey Church Family,

We wanted to give you an important update on how we are handling the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) issue here at Grace Chapel.

For Sunday services, we will only have online worship services. Go to our Sermons page to watch the message from Pastor Jeff each week! Gather your family together and join us from your living room!

Our staff is fully engaged and most programs and groups are continuing via Zoom virtual meetings! Look for emails inviting you to attend, or reach out to the church office via email to get connected.

Please remember your giving! Even though we are apart, your faithful giving allows us to support our staff, congregation and our community during these difficult times. Click here to register for an account and set up automatic online giving!

The church office will be closed until further notice. If you have any questions or are in need of immediate assistance, please contact us at

Click here to connect with us on social media so you can see any updates or information as they happen.

How can we stay connected?

One of Grace Chapel’s most important values is community. Christ prayed to the Father that the Church would have such a love for one another, that the rest of the world would believe in Him. (John 17:21)

We are currently suspending all group meetings, bible studies & Life Groups that meet on our church campus. Groups that meet outside of the church can continue to gather, but with caution. Your home group does not fall under the State’s mandated criteria for non-gathering. However, please use the CDC guidelines for self-quarantine and essential practices when gathering in order to determine if you will gather, if someone should attend or not attend that gathering, and how you function at that gathering. We encourage you to utilize an online video chat/conference platform such as Zoom, Google hangouts, Skype, Facetime, etc. If you need help with any of these platforms please reach out to our Pastor of Community Life,

We are also taking some steps to ramp up some rich community interaction while we maintain safe physical distance through:

· Grace Chapel’s “Connect” Page on Facebook. You can find this group on our main Facebook page. From this page we will be encouraging:

o Prayer Requests and encouragement

o Grace Chapel Run or Approved “Watch Parties”

o Work-related discussion- Business promotion, job offers, and job transition information.

· Building up our church in edifying ways:

o Virtual Prayer Groups

o Bible Reading Plans

o Devotionals

• Worship & Prayer times on Facebook & Instagram Live

What can you do to help?

Donate to our Food Pantry! Many people are out of work and are facing difficult times. We are making every effort to meet the needs within our church family and our community.

Donations: • Donate online at

• Donate personal care items (deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes, feminine care products, soap, etc.)


• Help assemble boxes of food for distribution

• Distribute food boxes to Food Pantry shoppers

What precautions are being taken to help me and those I’m serving to stay safe & healthy while volunteering?

• Shoppers will not be permitted inside the pantry in order to maintain Physical distancing. We will have a temporary distribution space outside the pantry.

• Gloves, hand sanitizers, and cleaned surfaces will be provided for volunteers

• For further information please contact

Food Plus Program:

Grace Chapel has a program called “Food Plus.” This is a temporary food assistance program that we provide to our congregation. If you know someone that is in crisis during Covid-19 in our church body or within the Mason Community, please contact the church office or email

You can also be encouraging to those who seem distressed. We have a hope that is greater than the virus and we have an opportunity to love our neighbors and be examples of that hope.

We know that many of you will want to continue to support what God is doing here over the next month. You can click here to give online or by mail to 406 4th Ave, Mason, OH 45040.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because we want to love our city and community. We know that not everyone is at high risk, but that everyone can be a part of mitigating risk for others. The authorities have stated that taking these measures will help to slow infection rates so the healthcare system can accommodate the already high demand for it. We are also doing this because we’ve been blessed with a very generationally diverse church family. We do have a large number of folks who fall into a category of greater risk, and we want to protect them from. The third reason for making these changes is that we are called as believers to honor the requests of our governing authorities if those requests do not conflict with Biblical truth.

We love you guys and while we won’t be gathering physically, we can still be the church! You are all in our prayers and we will maintain communication throughout this next month. Please check the church social media pages for important updates and new information. And as always feel free to contact us at to make us aware of any prayer requests or questions you may have.

We love you all so much and are grateful to be a part of this church family!

Jeff Greer
Senior Pastor