Dawn Schmit

Dawn graduated from Liberty University with a Masters in Religious Education. She is on staff with Back2Back ministries as a One21 Campus Coordinator assigned to Grace Chapel. Dawn married Brian in 1999. Brian served 20yrs on active duty (retires April 1, 2017) and Dawn couldn’t be more proud to call him her man. His love for her life is the epitome of how Christ loves the church. Perfect love is possible. Dawn couldn’t serve without his love and support. Together they have three lovely daughters (inside and out); Emily, Alyssa and Carly. They also have two rescued German shepherds mix’s; lady and beau.
Dawn has served in middle/high school students all around the globe and in detention centers for many years. She desires to teach and be an example of Christ to teenagers by showing them her love toward them is a reflection of God’s love. She finds teenagers to be the most genuine most amazing and most inspiring people on this earth! If you’re a teenager reading this or a parent who needs advice: Go find her! She wants to serve you. She wants to know you!