Grace Chapel Marketplace Ministry

Grace Chapel’s Marketplace Ministry is one of the largest, most innovative marketplace ministries in the world!  At the campus of Grace Chapel in Mason, Ohio, we host individual entrepreneur-owned small businesses, businesses that are integrated with the ministry of the Church.

In addition, Grace Chapel has also started a ministry called the ORCA Center, which involves a business accelerator, an incubator, as well as business seminars, training, and team building.  There is office space within the ORCA Center for local entrepreneurs with the same heart and passion. Our goal is to use the funds generated by those initiatives to help fund other ministry opportunities.

A Biznistry is a self sustaining enterprise commissioned for a kingdom purpose, operating according to Biblical principles, integrating ministry at every level, and releasing a flow of funds for further ministry advances.


“Biznistries blend the best of marketplace and ministry disciplines wherever they meet needs in the world.”
      –Biznistry: Transforming Lives Through Enterprise by Jeff Greer and Chuck Proudfit

 Click HERE to read an article featured in a leading ministry business magazine!

Self Sustaining Enterprises

SSE was born out of Grace Chapel’s passion for alternative ministry funding sources. Headquartered on the campus of Grace Chapel, SSE is dedication to using the free market as a means to fuel transformational ministry. It works like a venture capital organization to launch new businesses that provide gainful employment, valued services, and sustained funding for partner ministry organizations. Together our organizations attempt to systemically address poverty at a spiritual, emotional, and economic level around the world. Learn more at

At Work On Purpose

At Work On Purpose was created by an elder at Grace Chapel and birthed out of Grace Chapel in 2003. At Work On Purpose is guiding Christians to faith filled lives at work. It is the largest city-wide marketplace ministry in the U.S. . Learn more at

Recommended Reading

Biznistry: Transforming Lives Through Enterprise by Jeff Greer and Chuck Proudfit
Half Time by Bob Buford
Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso
Unlimited Partnership by Lloyd Reeb & Bill Wellons


Contact Jeff Greer at or 513-754-0333 for more information.