HisPins is a beginner archery program. Classes are for 1 hour in 6 week sessions and the class size may be 12 to 18. There is a short (no more than few mins) Christian message.

Archery has become a very popular sport for people of all ages, mainly because everyone can have success. Sessions are held throughout the school year with a variety of times, the location is at Grace Chapel’s gymnasium. Not only do the kids have fun, but each class is wrapped up with a short devotion, often times using the bow or archery analogies as the teaching tool. Even the name HisPins has its origin in the sport AND in God’s message. All archery instructors are certified by USA Archery. Periodically, tournaments are held to give the students something to work toward.

Learn to Shoot Classes

Learn to Shoot program is for those who want to go further in archery.

Class size may be 6 to 8. They may not shoot as many arrows, but will get proper instruction on how to shoot the bow. The “Learn to Shoot” classes may have both Youth and Adult archers. 

Sessions will cover the following:

Archers will learn safety, range rules, and the proper movements of the shot cycle. 

This will be done by pulling stretch bands, light weight bows and shooting at 10 yard targets.

Archers will refine their shooting form. 

Learn about conscious and unconscious parts of the shot cycle. 

As the archers advance they will shoot 20 yards.

They will learn how to keep score.

*Youth classes are open to both girls and boys, age’s 8-17 yr. olds.  Adult classes are open to both women and men off any age.

*Classes are 1hr a week for a period of 6 weeks.  All classes will be held in the Grace Chapel gym.

*Taught by USA Archery certified Coaches


Classes start week of April 22nd – May 16th

HisPins Classes ($35.00)

 Monday – 4:00 pm and 5:15 pm

Thursday – 4:00 pm and 5:15 pm

Learn to Shoot Classes ($50) 

Wednesday- 6:30 pm

For questions, contact Coach Steve Cornell at