Archery Opportunities at Grace Chapel

Grace Chapel Archery is the umbrella of all of Grace Chapel’s archery programs, which include: HisPins classes, Learn to Shoot Classes, Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) team, Grace Chapel Archery Club, Teen Leadership Development, Archery Tag, and OnTarget corporate team-building workshops.IMG_1917


Contact Steve Cornell at  or 513-316-4153


Kevin Schwieger at or 513-668-3995.

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June 18-22 2018

8:30am-12:30pm or 12:30-4pm

Taught by USA Archery Certified instructors.

Cost is $80 per Session- You can register for both sessions and pack your lunch.

Includes Target Archery and Archery Tag for ages 9-16.

All levels of archery skills are welcome.

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What We Offer


Grace Chapel’s chapter of a youth archery program with clubs across the country. Archery has become a very popular sport for people of all ages, mainly because everyone can have success. We schedule 6-week sessions throughout the school year with a variety of times, all held in Grace Chapel’s gymnasium. Not only do the kids have fun, but each class is wrapped up with a short devotion, often times using the bow or archery analogies as the teaching tool. Even the name HisPins has it’s origin in the sport AND in God’s message. All archery instructors are certified by USA Archery. Periodically, tournaments are held to give the students something to work toward.

Learn to Shoot Classes

The “Learn to Shoot” classes are be broken down into 4 different sessions for either Youth or Adult archers:

Beginner 101 sessions

Archers will learn safety, range rules, and the basic movements of the shot cycle. This will be done by pulling stretch bands, light weight bows and shooting at 10 yard targets.

Beginner 102 sessions

Archers will review safety and range rules and learn additional basic movements. Archers will continue to shoot at 10 yards.

Intermediate 103

Archers will refine their shooting form. They will learn how to make minor bow adjustments. Learn about conscious and unconscious parts of the shot cycle. Archers will shoot at 20 yards.

Intermediate 104

Archers will refine their shooting form. They will learn how to keep score.

*Youth classes are open to both girls and boys, ages 8-17 yr. olds.  Adult classes are open to both women and men off any age.

*Classes are 1hr a week for a period of 6 weeks.  All classes will be held in the Grace Chapel gym.

*Taught by USA Archery certified Coaches

JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development)

JOAD is our youth competitive team. JOAD archers must be a member of USA Archery and pass some basic criteria. This program is only for archers who are actively seeking the competitive sport of archery. We travel together to several tournaments each year. JOAD meets year round, practicing indoors during the cooler months, and outdoors during the summer. For more information about how JOAD works, contact Kevin Schwieger at 513-668-3995 or

Archery Tag

This is a wildly popular game that is an exciting cross between archery, paintball and dodge-ball, complete with fog, lights, and music.  Participants wear masks, hide behind bunkers and try to shoot each other with foam-tipped arrows. We offer regular youth times as well as birthday party packages.

OnTarget Corporate Team-building Workshops

Need a different, creative training time for your employees? By experiencing target-shooting and Archery Tag, your employee group will get a learning experience like nothing else offered in this market. Couple these exciting activities with workshop-style talks by some of Cincinnati’s leading business professionals, and the result is phenomenal.

Contact Kevin Schwieger at 513-668-3995 or for more information.