Grace Chapel Sports, Arts, and Singing Camp

June 12-15th


Check-In Worship Sanctuary at 5:30pm

Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Singing, Arts

Ages 6-11


Mini Sports and Art Camp

Ages 3-5

Must be Potty Trained

Contact for more information

Beth Manning

Registration Link- Register by June 4th

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Frequently Asked Questions for Camp



How many sports can my child play?


The mini sports camp for ages 3-5 offers a variety of sports for the little ones to learn.

Where should I sign up my 5 year old?

Kids 5 years old can choose to be in the mini sports camp or pick a sport to participate in. You can decide based on your kids athletic ability or maturity level. The mini sports camp will consist of kids ages 3-5.

How will my child be grouped?

All sports group stay together in huddle groups and travel from activity to activity together. Huddle groups are based on age and sport.

Who is responsible for my child during camp?

Your child will be assigned to a huddle coach on Monday. This is the person you will check your child out from and sign in with every day but Monday.

What about security?

Each child is assigned a security password. You or another adult with the security password will be allowed to sign your child out from their huddle coach at the final rally each night.

What if my child has allergies?

Please visit the First Aid station each night to see the snacks we are providing. If you would like to provide another snack option you will leave the snack with the first aid person and it will be given to their huddle coach.

Can I bring any medicines for my child?

Yes, please fill out any important medical information on the registration. When you come to camp print the medical form (sent to you in an email the week before camp) and submit it with the medicines at the first aid station. The nurse will administer any necessary medicines.