Facility Rental

Using the Grace Impact Center

At Grace Chapel, we are excited to use the resources that God has given us to connect with our community and provide an uplifting and safe place for our church family to participate in organized sports.  Archery, Soccer, Basketball and Sports Camps are a few ways we are able to impact people’s lives by introducing them to Jesus Christ and loving them through genuine friendship.

Kevin Schwieger is our Associate Pastor and is anxious to talk to anyone about creative ways to use recreational activities to impact lives.   CLICK HERE to email Kevin and begin the discussion on how you can get involved!


  • Multi-purpose space for basketball, soccer conditioning, indoor baseball practice, and more.
  • Indoor Turf Field. 120’x55′

If you are interested in scheduling a time for either the field or court: CLICK HERE 

  • call Kevin at 754-0333
  • Contact Priscella pr1sc3lla@yahoo.com

Facility Rental Request Form

If you would like to use any of our facilities, please CLICK HERE and fill out this request form!