Men of Action- Krav Maga Night

Come and join us for a free & fun night of some action filled Krav Maga. This self defense system was created in the Israeli Defense Force and is the hand to hand combat system of choice for many special forces around the world!

March 13th 7-9pm


Bring your pistol & holster with should you own one for a “dry fire” exercise, training guns will also be provided for those who do not own a pistol.

Please leave magazine & ammunition in your car, and do not take pistol out of holster or bag until you have approached a marshal who will assist with making sure your pistol is “safe”.

Anyone who fails to comply with this will be asked to leave immediately!

The “Warehouse” is the building on Grace Chapels campus that sits next to the basketball court.

Golan Krav Maga International- Cincinnati, will be hosting the event and will be asking all men to sign a participant/indemnity form, please complete it and you will be asked to hand in upon arrival before entering the venue.