Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers engages men over a period of 6 months in groups guided by “common, ordinary” men, just like you, who have gone through the challenge previously. The Expedition they venture into together includes personal action and exploration along with periodic, adventurous group outdoor activities and discussion.

Men long for adventure & challenge, authentic connection and to know they have what it takes to be the man God created them to be; the Blood Brothers Challenge offers men these very opportunities.

Blood Brothers Challenge speaks a man’s language and to his heart. Awakened, Engaged, Equipped, and Surrendered is the battle cry of this brotherhood.

The Blood Brothers Challenge kick-off will be Friday, May 31.


Register for Blood Brothers by clicking the registration button above. The participation fee is $60. With each participation fee, a Blood Brother will receive a Welcome Box with materials that will be used throughout the Challenge. For more information, please visit Blood Brothers website by clicking here.

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